Sonic Frontiers: Convergence – Full comic

Something evil is afoot… Here’s the full Sonic Frontiers: Convergence comic!

Artwork: Evan Stanley

Sonic and Tails fly in on the Tornado with Tails commenting, “Amy said she’d meet us on the island up ahead. E.T.A five minutes!” Sonic responds, “Better make an emergency landing, Tails… cuz it looks like she could use some help!” Below, Amy is single-handedly facing off against a dozen badniks. She’s holding her own like a queen, but sees her friends fly in and exclaims, “Ha! Sonic and Tails are here! Your chances of beating me just went from slim to none, Eggman!” A familiar, “Get a load of this!” rings out from Eggman’s mecha.
“No way, I can’t believe this!” Eggman screams as Sonic crashes down onto the mecha’s cockpit. Landing next to Amy, Sonic asks, “Did you save any of the small fry for me?” Gleefully, Amy exclaims, “Sorry, that’s the last one!” Suddenly the mecha swings a giant arm towards them with a powerful, “All systems– full power!” wailing out. Amy smashes the arm in a feat of power with her Piko hammer and a resounding, “HNNRGH!” sound, as Sonic playfully tells her, “Don’t hog all the fun!”
As the Eggman mecha drones on with Eggman bellowing, “No way! I can’t believe this!” Tails flies in with determination from behind holding a wrench half the size of his body. He begins unscrewing the screws on the mech, laughing out a hearty “Ha!” as one of the mech’s arms falls off to the beach below with a mighty “CLANG” sound. Sonic and Amy cheer for Tails’ ability to use mechanical tools to outsmart his enemies. “Time for a change of pace!” Eggman’s voice screams from the mech as fireballs blast out towards Sonic and Amy. Sonic, wondering why Eggman is spewing absolutely no new content, ponders aloud, “Hold up… I’ve heard all this mad ranting before…”
“Let’s wrap this up quickly! Any ideas?” Sonic asks Amy. Immediately, Amy responds, “Tails! Let’s take out the front legs!” With Amy’s Piko hammer and Tails’ helicopter blades of tails, they make quick work of the mech’s legs and the mech falls to the ground with a massive “THUD.” Sonic deals a final homing attack blow to the cockpit, revealing — “Wha– that’s not Eggman!”
“Ha! Ha! Ha! See if you can make it through here, Sonic!” Eggman’s robotic voice rings out. Sonic smugly looks in the cockpit and announces, “It’s another decoy piloting a mecha. Adorable.” Concerned, Tails exclaims, “This is all part of a bigger plan! He’s trying to distract us from the Starfall Islands!” “You guys invited me to go there and help find the Chaos Emeralds, right?” Amy inquires. “Right!” Tails replies, “They’re a mysterious set of islands. Legend has it a long-lost civilization once lived there. For some reason the Chaos Emeralds started gathering there.” Catching on, Amy replies, “And now Eggman launches a decoy to keep us busy. He’s definitely up to something!” Kicking the decoy head, Sonic happily exclaims, “Mystery! Action! Adventure! Sound like fun to you?” Hitting the head with her Piko Piko Hammer, Amy adds, “You know it does! Let’s go!”
Flying in the Tornado above the skies, Tails rings out, “Next stop– Kronos Island!” The shot moves to Kronos Island, the First of the Starfall Islands with Eggman’s ship landing in a field. “Status report!” Eggman bellows from his Egg Mobile. “Assets have been deployed to all islands. Supply caches have been distributed,” a mysterious robotic voice says aloud. “Excellent!” Eggman replies. “Now I can begin surveying the islands. Soon, the long-lost technology of the Ancients will belong to me!”
Orbot and Cubot appear to call Dr. Eggman. “Um, hello boss,” Orbot begins. “Enjoying your island excursion?” Impatiently, Eggman retorts, “This is a business trip, not a vacation!” Orbot continues, “Of course, sir, and I hate to interrupt, but…” Eggman interrupts him with a, “Just spit it out already!” “Sonic and his friends just trashed Unit D3-C0Y,” Orbot finally gets out. “What?!” Eggman angrily exclaims. “And you’re telling me NOW?!” In the background, Cubot is happily playing a board game. “There were… Er… Technical difficulties trying to reach you,” Orbot tries to explain. “Oh really,” Eggman inquires. The mysterious robot voice chimes in, “Analysis of data transfer shows significant delay between unit destruction and contact.” “You tattle-tale!” Orbot screams out.
Grrr… Just keep things running until I return. I take the time to program life-like personalities into some minions, and all it does is frustrate me. Once– just once!– I’d like one of my creations to fill me with pride instead of regret! The relics hidden on the Starfall Islands are staggeringly advanced. Maybe once I take them for my own, I can finally craft the ultimate creation… First things first! The rodent is undoubtedly on his way here. I’ll have to accelerate my plans. Warning. A.I. integration untested. System stress test untested. Accelerated timetable is not advised. Ah, but I developed you to protect me, and my coding is impeccable. There’s no time to waste with Sonic on the way. Hurry up and download yourself for deployment! Download complete. Very good! My latest, greatest artificial intelligence will make short work of the Ancients’ cyber security! And then all of their fantastic achievements will be mine to control! To be continued in Sonic Frontiers!
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