Tails’ Channel recognizes collaborative Sonic Frontiers feedback document and director’s response

21 January 2023 – Today, Tails’ Channel officially recognized the community of the official Tails’ Channel Discord server and their united good-will effort to create a document of recommendations concerning Sonic the Hedgehog’s latest mainline title, Sonic Frontiers, as well as a subsequent response from the game’s director.

The document, titled Sonic Frontiers’ Next Steps, was produced by several members of the Tails’ Channel community in an effort to provide detailed constructive feedback about the open-zone game, the first of its kind in the Sonic series.

With the announcement of new road-map of downloadable content planned for Sonic Frontiers in 2023, Nova Estrella, one of the writers of the document, hoped that the report may be considered helpful during the development of future projects.

“The notes and advice expressed in this document are all in good faith and are intended to guide the developers and creatives at Sonic Team with future installments of the Open Zone formula,” read the document. “We want to establish a loop of mutual cooperation that can lead to desirable results for everyone involved,” it continued.

With a total of 22 pages, the document was carefully prepared and manually translated for consumption in both the English and Japanese languages. Morio Kishimoto, the director of Sonic Frontiers, was impressed by the report.

“This report is rich with suggestions for the next installment following Sonic Frontiers! I felt like I was shown the book of secrets,” Kishimoto said in a reply to Estrella on Twitter. “I think it was very hard work to compile such a great discussion. I appreciate it. I will repay you for this in my next work,” he said.

The entire team and management at Tails’ Channel were impressed by the collaborative spirit of the official Tails’ Channel Discord server, and grateful of their efforts to established good-will with Sonic Team and the Sonic the Hedgehog community.

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