Sonic Colours Ultimate: Twitter Takeover – Full Compilation with Tweets

Here’s a full compilation of Sonic Official’s Twitter Takeover in commemoration of Sonic Colours Ultimate.

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 1:43 – Oddaball: Tails, is it tough to pull Sonic up every time he falls?
  • 2:39 – Lebastian5: Favorite movie, besides the Sonic movie?
  • 3:35 – Muffinkid64: Does yacker wink or blink?
  • 4:45 – ToadGameplay: Eggman, how much of the sweets in Sweet Mountain are real?
  • 5:57 – AmongUsGame: Sonic who is the best at lying within your crew?
  • 7:36 – AXE: what do u smell like?
  • 8:16 – flower18321299: which of you is the most likely to write poetry?
  • 8:57 – marsroverII: who do you think would win in a game of hide and seek?
  • 9:46 – DarkGravityFlam: Shadow, can you outhoop sonic in basketball?
  • 10:49 – AbelMunizJr: What was your favorite moment from the Sonic 30th Symphony?
  • 11:54 – GuardianPigeon: Eggman, are you secretly rich or something?
  • 12:54 – Art15Jdog: Is Doom’s Eye a wisp too?
  • 14:02 – magikarpboi: Which one of you has the most drip?
  • 14:38 – chinchila010: If you had three wishes, what would you guys actually wish for??!
  • 15:24 – Alpharad: How far can Eggman punt Yacker?
  • 16:08 – PyonSukis: Eggman will you marry me?
  • 17:07 – ShibiPaffu: Considered switching to a debit card instead of carrying rings?
  • 17:38 – tyson_hesse: Are you jealous of Knuckles’ strength?
  • 18:45 – NibrocRock: Why is Sonic the only one with a Twitter account?
  • 19:36 – Epic_STARS: What is your most memorable adventure?
  • 20:46 – Outro

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