Sonic trends on social media following “Twitter Takeover” event

Yacker was not the imposter.

Fans around the world once again enjoyed the latest Sonic the Hedgehog “Twitter Takeover” that was held Wednesday afternoon.

The takeover commemorated the release of Sonic Colours Ultimate and featured the voices of Mike Pollock, Roger Craig Smith, Colleen O’Shaughnessey, Kirk Thornton, and Utako Yoshino, all of whom participated in the takeover remotely.

“Many thanks to everyone who joined us for the Twitter Takeover yesterday,” said voice actor Roger Craig Smith in a tweet. “They’re complicated projects to pull off under the best of circumstances, let alone remotely.”

Thousands of messages were submitted by avid fans, SEGA associates, and corporate brands, and around 20 were formally featured. The off-beat nature of the event saw Sonic, Shadow and Tails trending in the United States and worldwide for several hours yesterday.

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