New IDW Sonic storylines for 2021 teased

Two new storylines was previewed in a clip uploaded by IDW.

As IDW Sonic fans wait for the anticipated New York Comic Con online panel, IDW Publishing tweeted yet another new clip that previewed two new story arcs.

IDW Sonic artist and writer Evan Stanley said that after “Chao Races and Badnik Bases”, there will be a storyline taking place in a tower owned by Eggman, where he experiments with new technology and creations. Sonic, Tails, and Amy will be stuck inside the tower trying to escape. Behind-the-scenes, Tangle and Bell attempt to sabotage the tower. Stanley described it to be “a bit trippy”, with more sci-fi, and spookiness.

Bad Guys writer Ian Flynn reveals there will be another storyline focusing on Zavok after the events of Bad Guys. It also deals with the other Zeti who are out in the wild because of what happened in the Metal Virus Saga. “That’s a lot of Zeti to be answered for,” said Flynn.

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