Rumour: Sonic Colours “remaster” mentioned by a German voice production studio

Update 12 April 2021: Article updated with new information.

A project was allegedly completed under the codename Sonic Colours Remastered, according to a now-deleted portfolio from a German voice production studio that surfaced online today.

The project was listed on the portfolio webpage of Berlin-based Iksample, which has since been deleted in the hours after this publication.

Tails’ Channel has learned that the German studio wrapped up a game localization project with a “client” that appeared to be related to the 2010 title, Sonic Colours. It was also alleged that the codename may not be the finalized title.

The studio had a long history of localizing a number of Sonic the Hedgehog titles for the German audience, like Team Sonic Racing and Sonic Forces. One of the studio’s voice actors were even responsible for leaking Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice in 2015, then known by its codename Sonic Mach 2.

A screenshot of the portfolio page for Iksample, a voice production studio based in Germany. An undisclosed title, “Sonic Colors Remastered”, can been seen. (Iksample)

The rumour led to speculation on social media about a future “HD port” or “remaster” of Sonic Colours being in the works, despite the fact there has not been an official clarification from SEGA.

Meanwhile, listings for pre-orders of a “Sonic Colors Ultimate Limited Edition” have begun to appear on French retail outlet Sogamely. Related search queries were scrubbed off the site, though the individual listings appear to be active.

SEGA of America did not reply to a request for comment.

h/t Mathan Sivanesan, Ruki185, Kutairo, Sonic Paradox News, affiliates.

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