Sonic Colours Ultimate’s physical release indefinitely delayed across Europe, Middle East, Africa

“More information to follow” following a sudden physical shipment delay of the Sonic Colours remaster across the EMEA.

Unexpected logistical issues indefinitely delayed the physical release of Sonic Colours Ultimate in the majority of SEGA of Europe’s operating markets.

Residents of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa will not receive either the standard or “key-ring” physical editions of Ultimate on the scheduled date of 7 September. Digital distribution via first-party retailers were not affected by the delay.

SEGA reassured fans on social media that they are “committed to customer satisfaction and [they] apologize for this unfortunate delay,” though the company did not specify what led to the unforeseen issue.

Australia and New Zealand, as well as the Americas, are expected to release their physical and digital copies of Ultimate on 7 September, as well as Japan on 9 September.

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