Sonic social media manager speaks up on fan game monetization

SEGA is very generous with the content we’re allowed to create with the Blue Blur, but there’s always a limit.

A Sonic Official representative broke their silence late Monday and addressed community concerns about monetization of the Sonic the Hedgehog property in fan-made creations.

The statement came amid community concerns over fan-game creators indirectly or directly monetizing their projects via direct-payment platforms like Patreon. Many noticable members in the Sonic community voiced their concerns, alleging that the behavour could possibly put an end to SEGA’s good will with fan content.

Sonic Official’s social media and influencer manager Katie Chrzanowski has openly brought up a response to the concerns on her personal Twitter account:

“Hey Sonic fans – I appreciate you all reaching out with concerns over fan games and monetization! So long as no profit is involved, there is usually* no issue with y’all using our blue boy to hone your art and dev skills. *((for legal reasons I can’t promise all content is ok))

We can handle outliers case-by-case as we notice them, but our goal isn’t to stifle everything. Please do not use this thread to call out any specific groups or people; we’re all learning here and I appreciate how receptive everyone I’ve spoken to has been.”

Katie Chrzanowski, social media and influencer manager for Sonic the Hedgehog, SEGA of America

A number of fans were still concerned over content that indirectly relates to Sonic the Hedgehog, like accepting donations, but still would be related to Sonic content at hand, as to which Chrzanowski replied with:

“This is a tricky grey area! If something Sonic-related is used as a vessel to make a profit (i.e. calling out the donations through the Sonic content), it’s normally best to avoid if possible.”

Katie Chrzanowski, social media and influencer manager for Sonic the Hedgehog, SEGA of America

It is still yet to be seen if these recent concerns will be addressed by SEGA at a official capacity, as Chrzanowski mentions that monetized Sonic the Hedgehog fan art is technically a bad idea, but such practice has been normalized in the fan artist community.

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