Sonic Movie’s Ben Schwartz wins Best Animated Performance in Hollywood Critics Association Film Awards

The Sonic movie got to take home another award, this time coming from Ben Schwartz’s performance as Sonic.

Sonic the Hedgehog movie voice actor Ben Schwartz was awarded by the Hollywood Critics Association for ‘Best Animated or VFX Performance’ late Friday, following actor Jim Carrey’s award-winning performance as Doctor Robotnik by the Critics’ Choice Super Awards.

The American comedian bested four other nominees for the ‘Best Animated or VFX Performance’ category, including Cathy Ang from Over the Moon, and Tina Fey from Soul.

In a pre-recorded address, Schwartz expressed his gratitude towards the win, and thanked the Sonic community for their continuous support of the film and his voice acting endeavours.

Sonic the Hedgehog fans! Thank you so much! You have made this film so special for me and, also, you have made this thing into something bigger than we could’ve even dreamed. We’re gonna get to do another one, which is incredible!

Ben Schwartz
Ben Schwartz suited with face-tracking equipment to animate Sonic’s expressions in Sonic the Hedgehog. (Paramount Pictures)

Sonic the Hedgehog was also nominated for two more categories in the Hollywood Critics Association Awards, including ‘Best Blockbuster and ‘Best Visual Effects’.

The Winners

Best Animated or VFX Performance

  • Ben Schwartz – Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Cathy Ang – Over the Moon
  • Honor Kneafsey – Wolfwalkers 
  • Jamie Foxx – Soul
  • Tina Fey – Soul 

Best Blockbuster

  • Birds of Prey
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Tenet
  • The Old Guard
  • Wonder Woman 1984

Best Visual Effects

  • Greg Steele and Annemarie Griggs – Birds of Prey
  • Ged Wright – Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Andrew Jackson – Tenet
  • Jonathan Dearing – The Invisible Man 
  • Matt Kasmir, Chris Lawrence, Dave Watkins, and Max Solomon – The Midnight Sky

This was another win for Paramount’s record-breaking video game movie, which now has two awards from film critic organizations.

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