Movie Sonic to appear in collab with Candy Crush Saga

As the release of the highly anticipated sequel, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, nears, promotional events related to it have begun to pop up. This week, the latest collab was confirmed to be with the famous mobile game series, Candy Crush Saga.

The developers of the app, King, announced to fans early Wednesday about the arrival of the blue hedgehog, with the character expected to drop in the newest season of Candy Crush. During the week, blue candies will be reskinned into a design that is meant to evoke Sonic when he’s curled up into a ball.

There will two different adventures featuring the blue hedgehog for fans to join, with them being Sonic Dash Collection and The Great Chase.

Sonic Dash Collection

  • Players’ first challenge is to collect 12.000 blue Sonic candies.
  • Players can also play regular levels in the game and try to crush as many Sonic candies as possible.
  • The main challenge being to make it to the 12.000 candies in four days.

The Great Chase

  • Players will need to chase the Jelly Queen, by collecting blue Sonic candies on the levels.
  • Players will also compete against others on a leaderboard.
  • If the player is able to get to the top 10 in their group of players, some rewards will be given.

If players manage to get to the top 10 on the leaderboard in the Great Chase, or collect 5,000 blue Sonic Candies in Sonic Dash Collection, and screenshot their score and send it to the Community tab, a candy community Sonic badge will be awarded to the players.

The Sonic event in Candy Crush is expected to begin on 31 March, and will last only one week.

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