Sonic Central recap: New Sonic Frontiers animated special, Origins gameplay, Prime preview, and more

Anticipated by fans and all brand new, Sonic Central is back with announcements, quite a slew!

Just as IGN went live with a hands-on preview of the upcoming mainline game, Sonic Frontiers; SEGA today presented the second installment of Sonic Central, a programme designed to recap and unveil all the latest projects in the works for the blue blur.

The presentation, which was 10 minutes long, provided an extended look at upcoming Sonic titles like Origins and Frontiers. It also gave a preview at new animated content like Prime and the animated special Frontiers Prologue. In between the subjects were brief updates on the popular Roblox game Sonic Speed Simulator, the record-breaking film Sonic the Hedgehog 2, collaborations, merchandise and more.

Sonic Origins

Trailer for Sonic Origins. (SEGA)

Following up on Famitsu’s info-filled livestream over the weekend, SEGA provided western fans with a first look at the multiplayer of Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles; and a sneak peek of the animations, galleries, and the features that the classic collection has to offer.

Fully remastered and redefined, experience all Sonic Origins has to offer.


Various modes in Origins were explored, like the Boss Rush mode, Classic mode, Mirror mode and the Anniversary mode.

Sonic Speed Simulator

The Roblox-hosted hit game, Sonic Speed Simulator, gained a bit of attention during the presentation. SEGA officially announced the Chemical Plant, a stage spotted by a Tails’ Channel affiliate a few weeks ago.

As an exclusive to Sonic Central, players will be able to unlock the Amy Chao by using the code “Sonic Central” in Speed Simulator.

Sonic Mobile

It has been confirmed that another Sonic movie event will take place in both Sonic Forces: Speed Battle and Sonic Dash, in which players will be able to unlock movie versions of the characters.

For Speed Battle, it has confirmed Super Shadow and Mephiles the Dark will appear in a Halloween-themed event beginning in November. Sonic and the Black Knight‘s Sir Percival has also been confirmed to be on the way for Sonic Dash in the future.

Sonic Prime

A small preview of Sonic Prime was shown at Central, featuring fan favourite Shadow the Hedgehog spin-dashing around Green Hill. The show is still expected to be released within this year.


The broadcast recapped a number of merchandise that were announced throughout the year, with them being the following:

  • Knuckles-themed G-Fuel Drink
  • Jakks Pacific’s Dr. Eggman Egg Mobile Battle Set
  • Sonic-themed Xbox Controller from Razer
  • Hype brand’s Capsule Collection
  • Amy and Tails First 4 Figures statues
  • Sonic Pez dispenser
  • Modern Sonic controller holder
  • Classic Sonic statues by Nea Media
  • Soft vinyl Sonic figure by Bellfine

Sonic Symphony

After the success of last year’s Sonic Symphony presentation, the concert will make its return as an in-person event.

Sonic Symphony has proved to be a hit among fans last year. (SEGA)

“The team is trying hard to get tour dates and more info locked”, said SEGA’s Katie Chrzanowski on Twitter. At the moment, a presentation was confirmed for Brazil during the Brazil Game Show in October.

Fall Guys

With Sonic and Knuckles’ recent additions in Mediatonic’s hit title, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, SEGA confirmed that Miles “Tails” Prower will make an appearance in the form of a costume. The cosmetic, however, was never shown on stream, but it is expected to drop in August.

Sonic Frontiers

More gameplay of the upcoming main Sonic game, Sonic Frontiers, has been revealed. This time, it showed off a boss battle between the hedgehog and an unusual looking robot. The broadcast also advised people to catch up with IGN’s hands-on impressions of the game, which unveiled a number of critical plot and gameplay details not mentioned on Central.

Preview of Sonic Frontiers Prologue. (SEGA)

Lastly, an animated special has been confirmed to tie-in with the events of Sonic Frontiers. Titled Prologue, the animation will feature Knuckles set before the events of the game. A frame was shown off in the presentation, with more information expected to drop before Frontiers‘ release date of late 2022.

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