Sonic X Shadow Generations announced, to be released Autumn 2024

In the most recent State of Play, Sonic has returned with a new announcement in the form of a remaster of 2011’s Sonic Generations, but this time, with new content featuring fan favourite character, Shadow the Hedgehog.

Described as an “all new collection featuring two unique experiences”, SONIC X SHADOW GENERATIONS will feature the original 2011 release of Sonic Generations, and also an entirely new adventure featuring a playable Shadow the Hedgehog, which will be revisiting iconic moments in the franchise featuring the character.

Play as Shadow the Hedgehog in a brand-new story campaign featuring never-before-seen powers and abilities that prove why he’s known as the Ultimate Life Form!

SONIC X SHADOW GENERATIONS also includes a complete remaster of the classic hit SONIC GENERATIONS, featuring newly remastered versions of iconic 2D and 3D stages with upgraded visuals and new bonus content.


The plot for Shadow’s campaign according to the Steam page for the game is about Shadow confronting Black Doom, who has managed to return after the events of the Shadow the Hedgehog game, and with Doom threatening to take over the world, Shadow must “journey into his own past, confront painful memories, face familiar foes, and unlock new powers to save the world.” The story has also been stated to happen during the same time as Sonic’s adventure in Sonic Generations.

Sonic Studio’s creative officer, Takashi Iizuka, commented that he and his team wanted players to know more about Shadow as a character with this new remaster:

With Sonic x Shadow Generations, we wanted to bring Sonic Generations to PS5 and PS4 while pairing a brand-new Shadow storyline to crossover with the original story.

With Shadow’s portion of the title, players will get to know him more as a character and understand his motivations. It will create the ultimate celebration of Classic Sonic, Modern Sonic, and Shadow gameplay that all fans will surely enjoy.”

Takashi Iizuka, Creative Officer, Sonic Studio

The title is expected to come to PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, STEAM, and Epic in Autumn 2024.


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