New Sonic and Tails skins to celebrate the Lunar New Year, Surge returns, balance changes in latest Speed Battle update

The conclusion of the World Tour event to collect cards for Rockstar Rouge and Popstar Amy, came a new patch for Sonic Forces Mobile with new skins and events.

The update arrived with two new runners scheduled for future in-game events, balance changes, and game performance improvements.

A look at Dragonfire Sonic and Dragonclaw Tails

Following a brief tease on Monday, SEGA HARDlight unveiled the Dragonfire and Dragonclaw skins for Sonic the Hedgehog and Miles “Tails” Prower. The duo rock the outfits to celebrate the upcoming Lunar New Year.

Dragonfire Sonic will be equipped with a speed stat of 9/10, an acceleration stat of 6/10, and a strength stat of 5/10.

  • Dragon Breath: Put the heat on your rivals with this powerful fire-breathing dragon.
  • Dragon Flight: Soar high and take flight with the speed and power of a dragon.
  • Firecracker: These firecrackers bring good luck… but maybe not to your rivals when they run into them!

Dragonclaw Tails will be equipped with a speed stat of 8/10, an acceleration stat of 9/10, and a strength stat of 6/10.

  • Dragon Smoke: This dragon is yet to master fire, but who needs fire when you can smoke out your rivals?
  • Claw Boost: Claw yourself ahead of your rivals with these high-speed gloves.
  • Firecracker: These firecrackers bring good luck… but maybe not to your rivals when they run into them!

“These two are fired up and ready to blaze down the track,” said the developers. Players can collect cards for Dragonfire Sonic between 30 January to 6 February, and Dragonclaw Tails between 6 to 13 February.

Surge is back

Meanwhile, an in-game event featuring Surge the Tenrec is online in Speed Battle. Until 30 January, players now have another chance to collect Challenger cards for the third-ever IDW comics character to debut in a Sonic game. According to the developers, the event’s bonus box contains 25 cards.

Bonus missions during the event include cards for Whisper the Wolf and Tangle the Lemur, also from the comics.

Balance changes

  • Chrono Silver: Psy-Chlone damage increased
  • Chrono Silver and Baby Sonic: EMP Boost damage increased

Bug fixes

  • Snowdrift Sonic: Hitbox size reduced on Festive Forest, should now be jumpable at closer range. The Festive Forest “chance of gift” is now correctly ‘a chance’ for gift to spawn (upgradeable)
  • Chrono Silver and Grim Sonic clone(s) should no longer spawn in the same lane as player when item used
  • Spear Trap, Lilypad, Flue Shot should once again spawn two tall lane blockers instead of one when used
  • Honor Guard should no longer spawn a badnik in same lane as player when item used
  • Broadside should now only have cannonballs spawning in the same lane as the cannons


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