Tournament rules for competitive Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity unveiled

Ruleset announced ahead of first major competition.

Here’s our tournament rules Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, however there are a few changes.

Please note: With this announcement, the Skip Regimen has changed.


  • Double Elimination
  • Best of 3. Semifinals / finals best of 5. Grands best of 7.
  • In the Grand Finals, the winner of losers would have to beat the winner of winners twice to win
  • Stage Striking System in place.
  • Before any race takes place, both players MUST take a test lap to find a comfortable buffer for both players

Stage Striking System

Race 1

Players may pick from any Starter Stage. Host bans 1, Connecter bans 2, Host picks from remaining 2.

Race 2+

The winner of the last match bans 4 of the 14 available stages (Astral Babylon and Mobius Strip are not available to be chosen if the players go through the banning process) with the loser picking from the available stages, however the loser cannot pick a stage they have already won on in that set. The winner must then choose their character and gear first before the loser, unless the loser would rather choose theirs first.


At any point bans would take place, both players can choose to forego the banning process and choose any stage in the game to play on, as long as both players agree to it.

Starter Stages

(Subject to change over time)

  • Nightside Rush
  • MeteorTech Sparkworks
  • Aquatic Capital
  • Gigan Rocks
  • 90s Boulevard

Skip Regimen

  • A Skip is classified under any course of intended action to bypass a section of a given stage in means that were not intended by the developers, such as clipping out of bounds, or abusing death planes and respawn points.
  • Any skip that violates this guideline is not legal for competitive play and if used in a tournament will result in an automatic loss of that round.

If said skip in question meets ANY of the listed criteria, it is henceforth banned:

  • Any Skip in which it is either impossible or extremely difficult for both players to do in a single lap and have it still save time.
  • Any Skip that bypass 5 seconds or more per lap compared to the fastest intended routing of any type.
  • Any Skip that skips half the track.
  • Any Skip that has not been publicly known for at least 24 hours.
  • Any skip in which it is impossible to preform without dying. This includes intentional death abuse variants, such as the Death Megalo Skip.
  • Any Skip deemed unhealthy for the game by either a majority of Devs, or a majority of the player base.

Unhealthy Skips List

  • Crimson Crater Rail Skip Skip
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