Sonic Frontiers adds Brazilian Portuguese subtitles in response to fan movement

Sonic Frontiers will have Brazilian Portuguese subtitles following a massive fan movement requesting for it.

Sonic Frontiers will feature the Brazilian Portuguese dialect in the form of subtitles, SEGA confirmed on 10 January, following an unprecedented fan movement to localize the upcoming title to a vernacular recognized by more than 200 million people.

In a tweet from SEGA, it was confirmed that the game will reprise complete localization efforts in Italian, German and French. Subtitled characters such as Korean, Traditional and Simplified Chinese will only be available on the PC and Xbox versions of the game.

JapaneseDubbed and subbedDubbed and subbedDubbed and subbed Dubbed and subbed
EnglishDubbed and subbedDubbed and subbed Dubbed and subbed Dubbed and subbed
FrenchSubbedSubbedDubbed and subbedDubbed and subbed
ItalianSubbedSubbedDubbed and subbedDubbed and subbed
GermanSubbedSubbedDubbed and subbedDubbed and subbed
SpanishSubbedSubbedDubbed and subbedDubbed and subbed
KoreanSubbed Subbed Subbed Subbed
Traditional ChineseSubbedSubbed Subbed Subbed
Simplified ChineseSubbed SubbedSubbed Subbed
Brazilian PortugueseSubbed Subbed

A movement started by Twitter user geno_td in late December requested for Frontiers to come with Brazilian Portuguese subtitles, The campaign, labelled #SonicFrontiersPTBR, quickly grew in scale, with it even being picked up in reports by SBT Games, a subsidiary of a major Brazilian television conglomerate.

Following the unprecedented fan movement, Sonic Official’s Katie Chrzanowski told fans on 7 January that an update would be arriving soon.

The official news about the Brazilian Portuguese subtitles have been received with enthusiasm by Brazilian Sonic fans. geno_td proclaimed on Twitter that the fans “won”.

Sonic Frontiers is expected to release in the fourth quarter of 2022 on the Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox and PlayStation platforms.

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