Rumour: Paramount may be working on a Shadow the Hedgehog spin-off title, industry expert claims

A brand new entry in the so-called Sonic the Hedgehog cinematic universe is already being talked about online, thanks to a rumour from industry expert Daniel Richtman.

According to Spanish fan-site Sonic Paradise, Richtman claimed in a Patreon post that Paramount Pictures “gave the green light” to a spin-off programme based on Shadow the Hedgehog, but did not go into specific details about the project.

Tails’ Channel cannot verify the claim, and Paramount Pictures has yet to corroborate the rumour.

All that’s known so far is that, similar to the Knuckles mini-series, it’s set to star one of Sonic’s pals as the main role instead of Sonic himself, this time, said pal being the one and only “ultimate life form.”

It is currently unknown whether this is being planned as a theatrical entry, or a programme similar to the upcoming Knuckles mini-series.

A name familiar in the film speculation circles, Richtman is known in the Sonic community for distributing his share of blue blur rumours in the past, including a portion of a Sonic movie plot and a Jason Momoa rumour that never materialized.

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