Totino’s Mania, a brand new high quality rip Mod and Album

A fully-fledged, freshly-baked music mod for SONIC MANIA! Can you collect all 7 stuffed nachos?

It’s no secret we all like fresh, high quality rips. It’s also no secret we all love Sonic Mania! Surely combining both things would be a no brainer, right? Well, look no further! Totino’s pizz- er, Mania, is here to bless our ears, give us a few good laughs, and fulfill our pizza roll needs.

If you’re looking to fill the void all of us Sonic Fans are feeling due to the lack of official Sonic News, one of the best ways to go about it is to play an older Sonic title. You might be tired of playing the same game, the same way, over, over and over again though, and we can’t blame you for that at all! This is where a Mod like Totino’s Mania might just be your best bet.

Ranging from hilarious, meme-galore rips to genuine bops (also meme-filled, it’s always meme-filled), Totino’s Mania is sure to make you experience Sonic Mania in a way you’ve never experienced it before.

Totino’s Mania comes in the form of both a mod for Sonic Mania, and a full high quality album! All you need is the latest version of Sonic Mania on Steam, the Sonic Mania Mod Loader, and most necessarily, some freshly baked Totino’s pizza rolls by your side for the truest and most realistic experience you could have.

You can grab the album and the mod here.

If you enjoy this mod, please make sure to check out the release video linked above and give it the support it deserves. The mod was created by SilvaGunner community member “CrossCoder”. Check him out by clicking here.

  1. The mod itself wasn’t made in its entirety by CrossCoder, but the SiIvaGunner team. However CrossCoder did create the mod and i assume a big part if it is from his version

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