LEGO officially announces brand new Sonic the Hedgehog “Green Hill Zone” set

Conceptualized via a community campaign, the brand new Sonic set from LEGO will offer fans “a fun run of nostalgia.”

After years of anticipation, LEGO has officially unveiled the Sonic the Hedgehog Green Hill Zone set, the latest installment in the LEGO Ideas category, early Tuesday morning.

Inspired by the famous Green Hill Zone, the new 1,125-piece set will feature a number of “fun details and Easter eggs,” as well as updated figures of Sonic, Doctor Eggman, and more.

“Conceived by 24-year-old, UK based LEGO superfan Viv Grannell, through the LEGO Ideas platform, this new analog version of the Green Hill Zone gives fans the chance to build and display a piece of gaming history,” said the toy manufacturer in a press release.

The statement continued, “This fun-filled LEGO build results in a dynamic display set or one that can be played with by any Sonic or LEGO fan for years to come.”

LEGO designer Sam Johnson, who worked on the final project, said that the set aimed “to be just as colourful and fun as the in-game version of The Green Hill Zone,” and filled it with “prizes to help fans enjoy some of their most beloved gaming icons in a brand-new way.”

The announcement came after years of anticipation that stemmed from a community campaign by artist Viv Grannell in 2017. Grannell, a LEGO builder and game developer, envisioned a Sonic-themed set based around the video game title Sonic Mania. The toy manufacturer gave the green light before March of this year after the campaign surpassed the ten thousand supporters threshold.

Last week, an online retailer uploaded new images of the Sonic set in an listing. Jordan Middler, who shared the news, characterized it as an apparent leak.

What’s inside

  • 5 mini-figures, including Sonic, Crabmeat, Motobug, and Doctor Eggman,
  • 10 ring boxes,
  • Modular build, which can be linked to other architecture sets,
  • A Technic lever on the spring module to launch Sonic and his friends into the air,
  • Sit Doctor Eggman inside the Egg Robot,
  • Super speed and shield TV monitors also included,
  • 1,125 pieces.

The LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog Green Hill Zone set will be available from 1 January 2022 via the LEGO storefront at the suggested retail price of $69.99 USD, £59.99 GBP, or $69.99 CAD.

2:13 pm ET: Article updated with new information.

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