Game update for Sonic Dream Team arrives, with patches for controllers and level design

Sonic’s latest mobile game for the Apple Arcade Service, Sonic Dream Team, received a new update, fixing achievements, controller and level design related issues.

In a post from SEGA HARDlight on the social media site formerly known as Twitter, the following updates have been made:

  • The Red Star Ring collection achievements that weren’t awarded in certain circunstances have now been fixed. The game will notify the player of only two unlocked statues, but all remaining missing statues will be available in the game’s gallery.
  • Support for wired controllers now have been added.
  • A previously unable to reach climbing wall now has a Buzz Bomber enemy to Zone 1 Act 2 on its’ path to help players.

More content is expected to come to Sonic Dream Team during its shelf life on the Apple Arcade subscription service, according to Dan Rossati, the game’s Creative Director.

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