Slugger Sonic and All-Star Amy returns for Sonic’s 29th

“Take me out to the ball game!”

While the outlook for Major League Baseball’s 2019-20 season looks grim, SEGA HARDlight is planning to bring their baseball-themed event back in Sonic Forces: Speed Battle.

Titled “Rivals League: Brawl”, it will take place between 18 to 29 June, in celebration of Sonic’s 29th anniversary on 23 June.

Deal damage to rivals to steal the Golden Baseball from them.  The longer you hold the Golden Baseball, the more points you score for your team. 

Missions may need you to claim the Golden Baseball during this event, by completing mission you will be able earn guaranteed Special cards for Slugger Sonic and All Star Amy!

At the end of the event both teams will earn a prize! The winning Team will get a large prize, and the loosing team will get a prize too! It is a birthday party after all!


HARDlight is also giving away baseball-themed Sonic and Amy skins in Sonic Dash.

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