Another Sonic Movie sequel production sign allegedly found in an environmental centre

Another sighting of a Sonic movie production sign, this time near an environmental centre.

As the crew begins to get ready to film Sonic the Hedgehog 2, more signs related to its production are beginning to appear.

Twitter user Jade_shoots said that they allegedly saw crew “currently in the building stage” of pre-production on a plot of land owned by A Rocha Canada, a non-profit and religious environmental organization. It may have been spotted around 192 Street and 16 Avenue in the Vancouver suburb of Surrey, which is located southeast of Metro Vancouver.

The signs may have mentioned “Emerald Hill”, which is the production name for the upcoming film, or “REFI”, which is the initialism for Paramount’s in-house production company, Red Energy Films, Inc.

Image of A Rocha’s plot of land in Surrey, British Columbia. A production sign for Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was allegedly spotted at this location. (Google Street View)

The most notable aspect about this location is how far it was from the previously known location at the intersection of Sprott Street and Kensington Avenue in Burnaby, though it is generally expected that the movie will be taped in more areas around Vancouver and Vancouver Island.

At the time of publication, there is no word of any film permits issued by the British Columbia Film Commission for the Sonic movie sequel, which means that it cannot be confirmed if this is a possible filming location, though Tails’ Channel intends to reach out to A Rocha Canada for comment.

As the filming for Sonic the Hedgehog 2 approaches, beginning on 15 March, fans’ expectations for information are expected to grow higher.

h/t YVRShoots

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