Sonic Prime planned to debut in mid-December, according to unreleased official documents

Sonic Prime has been targeted for a mid-December release window, with a tentative debut of 15 December on Netflix, Tails’ Channel understands.

Two documents obtained by Tails’ Channel in early September described an upcoming promotion from SEGA to advertise Prime for a release window around the middle of December 2022. Though it did not explicitly rule out a provisionality, it is understood that the advertised release date is Thursday 15th December.

Two individuals familiar with the matter initially shared the documents to Tails’ Channel under the condition of anonymity towards their identities and the parties involved, though Tails’ Channel were able to independently obtain one of the mentioned documents from a third-party repository to corroborate the claim. The third-party will not be named to protect their interests.

One claimed that a public announcement of a release date is imminent, even though Netflix’s last official ad blitz for Prime was last June.

The upcoming animation from SEGA and Vancouver-based WildBrain Studios aimed to feature Sonic the Hedgehog in “a high-octane adventure” through a “strange new multiverse.” Prime is currently scheduled for a winter 2022 debut.

We have reached out to SEGA for additional comment.

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